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Roller Blind Installation Guide

Roller Blind Installation Kit


  1. Please check that all parts have been supplied before you begin to assemble your new Custom Roller Blind.

  2. Do not unroll the blind until it is fully installed.

  3. The finished blind width is from the outside of the left bracket to the outside of the right bracket.

  4. Ensure that the blind is mounted level for correct operation.

Positioning Blind

As per your order, determine the correct fitting location

  1. inside the window frame (Inside Mount) or;

  2. on the window frame or wall (Outside Mount)

Installing Mounting Brackets

Place the Control Bracket in the desired location, as per your order i.e. on the LHS or RHS, mark and if necessary pre drill 2 holes. After drilling the holes, secure the bracket with screws. (Wood screws have been provided, however screws suitable for gyprock or brick walls may need to be purchased). Repeat this process for the Idle Bracket (See Important Notes 3 above).

Installing Mounting Brackets (inside and outside) - roller blinds


Attaching Blind to Bracket

  1. Insert the idle mechanism into the idle bracket so it is engaged. (figure 1).

  2. Carefully align the chain control mechanism with the control bracket(figure 2) (this is the one with the cross). Push the blind into the control bracket , ensuring the chain is hanging directly down. Hook into place with a gentle downward motion.

Attaching Blinds to a bracket - roller blinds

Operating the Blind

Using the chain, draw the blind down and up several times to ensure the blind operates successfully. Please be aware that horizontal lines may appear on the roller blind fabric due to packaging. These lines will drop out once the blind has been hanging for a few days.

Attaching Child Safety Device

Secure the child safety device to the wall beside the blind, ensuring the chain is not too tight, as this may restrict smooth operation.


To avoid creating a possible strangulation hazard for children, the corded or chained internal window covering must be installed in such a way that a loose cord or chain cannot form a loop 220mm or longer at a height of less than 1600mm above floor level.

  • A cord/chain guide may be installed lower than 1600mm above floor level if the cord/chain is sufficiently secured or tensioned to prevent a loop 220mm or longer from being formed.

  • If a cord/chain guide is installed lower than 1600mm above floor level, it must be designed to prevent a child from being able to remove the cord/chain.

  • If a cleat is used to secure the cord, it must be at least 1600mm above floor level because a child is capable of unwinding a cord from a cleat.



The chain tension device must be fitter to ensure child safety. The chain tension device must be fitted. It is to be positioned at the bottom of the chain loop. It can be fitted to the inside of the reveal (frame) or in front of the reveal.

 Child Safety Device

Fitting Instructions

  • Position the tension device at the bottom of the chain loop as shown per figure 1.

Child Safety Device

  • Install the tension device onto the reveal (frame), making sure that the loop chain hangs with minimal tension (as shown in figure 2).

tension device with fitted chain

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