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Readymade Roller Blinds

Elegant, understated—and conveniently readymade. Our range of readymade roller blinds can be adjusted to match the width of the window you’re dressing, which makes it easy to choose this sleek, streamlined blind for your home or office.

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Incredibly versatile, readymade roller blinds not only give windows a modern and uncluttered appearance, they look equally as stylish when dressed up with other window furnishings, such as curtains.

At The Blinds Company, we believe functionality is just as important as style, and you’ll see this for yourself as you browse our selection of roller blinds.

For anyone wanting the complete obstruction of light, our readymade blockout range might be just what you need: perfect for shift workers who need to create an artificial night, and nurseries in which a tired baby needs to sleep during the day. Readymade blockout roller blinds also help you to regulate your home’s temperature by keeping it cooler during summer and warmer in the cooler months.

Another option is the readymade sunscreen roller blind. If you’re keen to protect your eyes and furniture from the harsh rays of the sun, this could be ideal for you. Readymade sunscreen roller blinds also contribute to reducing the heat in your home, which is increasingly important, as Australian summer temperatures are reliably high.

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