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I’m beyond excited to share news about my new collaboration, as Style Editor, with The Blinds Company, a fab new online window furnishings store.

Ok, let’s talk windows.

Windows are the eyes of our homes - they frame our view of the outside world. We all seem to want to flood our homes with as much natural light as we can get, and once we have it, funnily enough, we realise the real décor dilemma is actually more about controlling the light, not the quantity of light.

So understand that window furnishings need to be as functional as they are beautiful, to be good. Yes, it is all about form and function, but not necessarily in that order.

Design perfection is simply a lot of small things done well. A great room, or indeed a great home is all about telling a visual story and setting a mood. So when you’re trying to make decisions, for your home, it’s simple... just think about how you want the space to feel.

Before you start shopping, the functional aspects of the room need to be considered first. I call this finding your ‘Room Reality’. It’s about assessing your room – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Once we know what we don’t like about a room we can do something about it, together with the fact that we will understand exactly how the room needs to function. Then it’s just a question of recognising what to conceal and what to reveal. Which bits of your room are worth showing off? Which elements can become a strong visual hit or focal point?

Now look at the various window furnishings style options that ‘fit’ the function of the room. Remember, I said design is about a lot of small things done well... well, this is about ‘seeing’ the possibilities when you’re looking for things. It’s the almost the same process we use all the time to buy clothes!

Of course, the windows of a room are very important in influencing the overall style. Window fashions (furnishings) can be used to manipulate the ‘architecture’ of a room – they really do present the perfect opportunity to play with colour, texture, scale and pattern.

I love sharing ideas and and bringing ideas to life...and I’m looking forward to finding inspiration and workshopping our ideas - so join our conversation.

Chat soon,