About TBCWe are a group of people who noticed the trend in Europe towards a sophisticated, trustworthy online market for all sorts of good and services. (And we rejoiced! Why pay for all the mark-up when you don’t need to? More on that later…)

With a collective background in design and window furnishings, we realised that no one in Australia was offering a smart, stylish and affordable answer to buying blinds and curtains online.

So we decided to create one… and The Blinds Company was born.

Our philosophy is very simple. We believe that elegant, contemporary blinds and curtains should be easily accessible to everyone, both in terms of how they’re purchased, and price.

That’s why we developed a super user-friendly online store, backed by real live support staff who can be reached on the other end of the phone, or by email, anytime during business hours. Who has time to drive to a showroom these days? With samples delivered to your door, there’s absolutely no need to leave the comfort of your own home when shopping for blinds or curtains.

Will you have a stylish range to choose from at The Blinds Company? Absolutely. Jacinta Preston, an accomplished interior designer and consultant has joined The Blinds Company as Style Editor and brings with her a wealth of design knowledge. Our collections will all have Jacinta’s thumbs up, so you can rest assured that no matter what blinds or curtains you choose from The Blinds Company, they’ll be an enhancing feature in your home.

If that’s not enough to put a smile on your face, consider the savings you’ll make by shopping online. With no warehouses, no showrooms, no retail stores and no middlemen, you can imagine how shopping with The Blinds Company will save you money. We have a simple service model that is all about discovering exactly what you want, and delivering you that very product. Our blinds and curtains are made when you order them, to your precise measurements. What’s more, they’re delivered to anywhere in Australia, free.

Happy shopping!

The team at The Blinds Company