Home design can be such a fascinating subject once you delve a bit deeper into it; nowhere else can you not only take your time enjoying the creation of your work of art but then actually live in it! As the seasons change, however, design preferences change as well. Today we’re talking about one of the latest trends to hit the Australian design scene: organic texture blinds.

Blinds with organic textures are what really distinguish modern window coverings from those of the past. People are looking to get back to nature, to complement their homes’ minimalist appeal with elements to soften it. Certain blinds have the power to add texture and colour, and to bring warmth to the space as they serve their purpose; in this case, covering your windows.

Our Venetian Blinds are one of the most straightforward ways to add organic texture to your space. Timber Venetians in tones of mocha and sequoia are the antidote to stark whites, greys and blacks but combine surprisingly well with these cooler neutral hues. You can also opt for Ecowood (faux wood blinds), which have the benefit of being extremely resistant over time. They won’t warp or fade when exposed to moisture.

Roman Blinds are another great way to add a real organic feel to the space. These blinds allow you to choose which weave or finish you’d like to incorporate into the room. Their neutral colour palettes make them a simple complement to most design schemes, and with options like light-filtering Desert Romans it’s easy to see how they really bring out a natural element in the space.

Finally, you’ve got Roller Blinds to help you take advantage of the organic texture movement. They are also available in gorgeous finishes, to bring in natural illumination. Add in textures and colours ranging from Granicite blackout blinds to Durascreen and you’ll find many ways to customise your space.

For more information about any of our organic texture blinds please feel free to contact us.