With good weather comes the desire to throw open our doors and make our living spaces, well, more liveable. If you’re looking to get out of the routine and freshen up your space, have a look at a few of the hot 2014 design trends that have caught our eye. Each can also be played up with the right blinds.

Wooden Panels and Timber Elements

Instead of being reserved for accents or trim, touches of timber are now regarded as an essential element to cover entire accent walls. Try adding a timber accent wall behind your head board with all white bedding, or wood finish drawers to a modern bathroom design. They can easily be combined with timber wood or Ecowood Venetian blinds.

Modern Tropical Décor

Maybe it represents our need to make our homes more relaxing and holiday-like or perhaps it’s just a good way to bring more of the outside in, but tropical décor has seen a resounding spike over the past several months. Accent palm-tree printed wall paper with neutral white light filtering roller blinds or turn to warm brown roman blinds to add texture to a tropically-inspired space.

Bold Pastels

Moving away from wood and natural tones, bold pastels are another strong trend for 2014. Designers are using increasing amounts of shades like aqua, robin’s egg blue and pale strawberry, adding them to designs with plenty of light. It’s all about creating spaces that are inviting and pleasing to the eye, with pops of more vibrant colour to add depth. When working with pastels you can accent them with neutral roller blinds to let these subtle hues become the focal point.

Metallic Everything

The thought of adding silver or chrome accessories to your home might not be so appealing but the latest trend focuses on elegant brushed metals like copper, pewter and nickel. Metals can actually be quite neutral, used either as accents or in larger amounts. Try playing with a metallic sculpture or bronze cushions to see how they work within your existing design.

Some homes are even taking advantage of metal paint on base boards and window frames, which is a great way to make use of this trend in a way that can later be painted over if desired.

Coastal Inspiration

Not to be confused with nautical stripes, ropes or anchors, modern coastal style is more about bringing the organic shapes and colours of the sea inside the home. You can draw from the beige, golden or bone colours of the sand; the greys, blues and turquoises of the ocean and the muted browns and slates of driftwood and stones.

This leads to the use of beautifully worn textiles, things that have (or look as though they have) had prolonged exposure to the elements. Items that have been crafted over time and now look perfectly lived in. You’ll also want to incorporate plenty of light, with blinds that can be drawn to let the sun and breeze in, or those that let the sun filter through as much as possible.

Tangible Textures

This is a fun one to try out even if you’re not planning to do much to your space. Adding rich textures can be every bit as interesting as adjusting your colour scheme. You’ll want to branch out to patterns, touchable rugs and cushions, items evoking the feel of branches, waves, thick woven fabrics and even faux furs.

Texture can be added in line with your current colour scheme, or you can bring them in using different colours as well. Some of our blinds choices can even be textural- browse them all and feel free to contact our experts for the latest information on design trends.