Accents and Light: How to Make your Space Shine this Winter


Interior design trends are ever changing; every season brings new ideas for your home. However, going by the last few years there’s one thing that’s very clear: neutral tones are here to stay. White, beige and black are timelessly elegant. However, this does not mean that you should limit yourself to these particular palettes; it means you can play with contrast and creativity. Now is the time for fun accents and splashes of colour.

Neutral colours allow you to create great backgrounds that allow special furnishings to stand out and give personality to the room you’re decorating.  Brilliant colour accents can add a particular shine and life to a room. Furthermore, if you implement them in items like throw pillows, or any other piece that can be easily changed, you can have a room that looks fresh and new every season or even every month.

The question of colour brings us to a rather complicated design topic: what accent colours are best? You can always refer to Radiant  Orchid, the pantone of the year, for an elegant yet vibrant look. However, you may want to experiment with warmer hues like a bright and inviting orange or a particularly passionate shade of red. It all of course depends on your personality and the nature of the room. What works in the living room may not be ideal for the bedroom.  Take a look at the room you’re decorating, and based on aesthetics, personality and functionality determine which hues would work best as accents.

Remember that in order to really bring out your accentuated shades, you need to have a very solid and neutral background. It’s easy to think about how throw pillows interact with a couch or a table, however most people forget that light can make or break the mood of a room as well. When it comes to managing light and how it affects your furniture, blinds and/or curtains are an important consideration.

Roller blinds or blackout curtains are ideal for a room that’s artificially lit most of the time, or where you need to keep a particular level of illumination regardless of the time of day. These work especially well during the winter, as the right set of blinds can not only help you control your accents and illumination, they can also help to keep the heat inside the house. This adds a layer of functionality to their style. Artificially lit rooms are particularly great for accents; because the level of light is constant the colours you want to bring out will take centre stage all day and night.

Venetian blinds or sheer curtains on the other hand, can help you control when you want your accents to shine and when you want a more neutral and calm atmosphere for the room. The vibe of a room can completely change depending on how much you choose to open your blinds.

Blinds and curtains are often overlooked  or left for the last minute when it comes to interior design, because they’re considered hard to change and/or expensive. However, online retailers like The Blinds Company offer inexpensive, easy to install products that can really improve your home’s décor.  

With the right neutral background, the proper lighting and solid accents to provide proper contrast, you can give new life to an old space.

Play around with colour using these basic guidelines. This winter, don’t be afraid to experiment and add new things to make the space truly your own.