Storage Solutions in Small Bathrooms

A bathroom should be a place the whole family can enjoy; it should be fun (and safe) for families with small children, offer a bath or luxury shower to help you relax at the end of the day and most importantly – it should be comfortable and have all the things you need on hand.

It can seem impossible to think of storage ideas that will not take any more space away from your bathroom, but we’ve gathered a few “hacks” to help you make the most of your bathroom space. 

There is plenty of space in the bathroom that is never used and almost always overlooked for storage – for example, that gap above the bathroom door is a great place to install some storage. Installing a shelf above your door doesn’t take any space away from the room, yet provides a tucked away area to store neatly folded towels or even display some pretty, decorative items. The added bonus of high-up storage is that it draws the eye upward in a small space.  

Also, consider the space underneath your sink – is there a way you could build a cupboard around the stand of the sink or install shelving to include additional storage? Other great tips include using a magnetic strip (glued to the inside of your cupboard) to store hair pins, tweezers and nail clippers – the things you can never find when you need them!

Organise your current cupboards with shelving, boxes and even bits of plastic piping. Keep medicines in a box on a high shelf- this will keep them out of reach of young children, out of sight of snoopy guests and most importantly, in a place where you know everything is together if you need it in an emergency.

Another fun idea is to use wine racks to store multiple towels in a very small space; the towel/wine rack can be hidden behind the door or fixed between the toilet and sink, taking away no additional space in the room. 

Lastly, if you’re redecorating your bathroom (or giving it a storage make over) and wish to replace your window coverings, choose Ecowood Blinds or Roller Blinds instead of Basswood; the latter can crack and become disfigured if regularly exposed to the humidity of the bathroom.

For any questions about bathroom storage or which blinds are best, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly experts.