In with the New and out with the Old

Clocks, calendars and work schedules are reset and New Year is the best time of year to focus on those changes that will make your life more comfortable and enjoyable. Studies show that making big clear outs and changes in our home can have positive impacts on our mental health and wellbeing, encouraging us to make similar changes in our personal lives. A great way to give your home an uplifting, new look is to change your window coverings. Old beaten blinds and curtains can be upgraded to give the whole room a new focal point and fresh, clean feel. Upgrading blinds and curtains can also give a tired, plain room a large splash of colour, without the difficulty of painting or re-wallpapering every wall.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms are usually very humid places. This means it can be difficult to find fabrics and materials that aren’t affected by the air born moisture, as well as all the slashes and stains that are a by-product of cooking. Eco Wood Blinds are perfect in any kitchen or bathroom, or homes at the beach. Eco Wood looks and feels like real wood, yet it is made from treated PVC so it remains unaffected by humidity as well as being wipe clean.

Living Rooms and Dining Rooms

Block out roller blinds are a great addition to any living room or dining room; they can add blocks of colour to neutral rooms, which is especially great in rented homes when painting might not be an option. Roller blinds offer you the choice of how little or how much sun you want to let into your home at any time. The block out capabilities also have great advantages, such as being able to watch television during the day in a sun facing room.


Roman blinds can often offer a homier look than Venetian or roller blinds in bedrooms; they softly frame the windows and have lovely draping fabric. If you have young children or babies who take daytime naps, a block out blinds can be another great option. They completely block out the light, whilst allowing you to have them slightly open for a ‘night light’. Whichever room you decide to make over this New Year, be sure to visit The Blinds Company for all your blinds and curtain needs.