A Fun Design Idea that Works in Almost Any Home: Chalk Board Walls

Here at The Blinds Company we love to follow new trends that we’ve taken advantage of in our own homes or that we think might be useful for our readers. Today we’re sharing a fun idea that has multiple measurable benefits and can be used in different rooms: Chalk Board Walls. Read on to find out more!

Chalk boards have come a long way since the squeaky blackboards that stood at the front of classrooms all over the world, whilst these chalk boards have long since been replaced with the new, high tech, interactive whiteboards – the use of blackboards is still very popular in the Interior Design sector.

Whilst physical chalk boards are a thing of the past, a new modern twist on the blackboard has taken the diehard decorators by storm – chalkboard paint. This black paint can be painted onto most surfaces to turn it into an instant writing space that can be used and reused for a lifetime.

The blackboard concept of being able to ‘wipe the slate clean’ offers a unique platform for notes, messages, reminders and even decoration – as they can be adapted or changed at a moment’s notice. The unique paint can be used on most surfaces which offers options of one of a kind decoration within your home.

Kids Rooms

Younger children, as they begin to write and draw, love to scribble on the walls in and around your home – it is a nightmare, it is unsightly but for some reason you still keep finding your children’s names written in hidden and forgotten corners of the home.

Paint one wall in your children’s room with the chalk board paint; for now it will hopefully encourage your children not to draw elsewhere in the house, whilst in the next few years it can inspire young children to play ‘teachers’ and subconsciously learn through the ‘retelling’ roll. The wall will be great for your child all the way up to teenage years – offering a huge area for study and revision as well as a space for friends or family to leave messages and share memories.


Using the chalkboard paint to decorate your home makes for beautiful, personalised areas that can be adapted and updated as often as you please. This is great for fashion following couples, growing families and those of us who fancy a fresh start and change of scenery more than once every few years.

Different blocks of chalkboard paint can create areas for quotes and inspirational messages, whilst painting a dining room table, a bookcase or even a door, opens the window to unique and adaptable interior design.

Shopping and To Do Lists

Pinning notes to the fridge that never get checked or read is now a thing of the past – paint an area of the kitchen (or room you know everyone will see it in) with chalk board paint to have an area where the whole family can share messages, remind each other of ‘to-dos’ and plan the weekly schedule.

Lunch Box Love Notes

Paint the inside lid of your child or partner’s lunch box- when you prepare lunches for them you can leave messages, reminders and well wishes for the long day at school or work – then can they be wiped clean and reused, ready for the next day and new messages!

Other Great Uses

Chalkboard paint isn’t only for writing on – it can be used to make small unique adaptations around your home that will make it stand out from all the rest. Dip the stems and stands of your wine glasses into the paint to create a two tone dip dye look –as a bonus it can be labelled with guests’ names at large parties. Chalk paint can be used to paint and label almost anything – herb jars, plant pots, beauty products – and can be wiped clean and relabelled afterwards.

You could also paint pumpkins black with chalkboard paint at Halloween for a scary twist on the traditional lantern or create bunting by painting small triangles of card and painting them – the bunting can then be used over and over for any occasion.

Visit this tutorial on Houzz to explore how to make the paint yourself at home. It can also be picked up in most good hardware and home decoration shops.