Reusing and Reclaiming Old Pallets

In an age where it has become fashionable to throw away perfectly good mobile phones to make place for their year-younger upgrades, it can be difficult to go against the crowd and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. However, as global warming heats things up and coal levels become dangerously low, more and more people are trying to help the environment and save a penny by switching to an eco-friendly alternative. One of the best ways to help your budget and the environment is to try to recycle and reuse the things that would otherwise be left out for the bin men (or left to rot in your garden, shed or attic). Pallets are commonly collected as “you never know when they might come in handy” – however they tend to pile up and fall into disrepair in sheds and backyards. They can also be picked up very cheaply, from firms and companies that no longer need them. Pallets have recently become one of the most popular items to make recycled or reclaimed furniture and home décor that can be used inside and outside the house. Read on to find out what you can do with them.

Pallet Sofas

The trend of recycling pallets began with the creation of the original pallet sofa. They were first designed to be low cost, pro-environment and to create an area for the family to enjoy outside. However thanks to sites like Pinterest the designs and functions have been repeatedly adapted to work inside the home as well as outside. If you’re creating a pallet sofa for outside, remember to treat the wood correctly and choose water proof materials for the cushions. If you’re building your sofas for inside the home, you have more freedom of choice when it comes to accessories, throws and pillows.

Pallet Flower Beds

Pallets make for great flower beds in all gardens and balconies – although flower beds are usually reserved for a larger space, the use of pallets means that even the smallest of spaces can be brought to life by growing flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables. Pallets can be attached to the wall, creating a flat space that can be filled with soil and watered easily, whilst flowers or plants can be pulled through to create a visual impact on your walls that is a lot less maintenance, money and hard work than traditional vertical wall gardens.

Pallet Shelving

Storage is something that you never seem to have enough of, regardless of the size of your home. Instead of investing in more cupboards, boxes and storage solutions, why not create your own unique shelving solutions by using recycled pallets? Shelves are not only used for storage, but can also be a great way to inject personality in your home by displaying personal items, photos and souvenirs in a place where they won’t get in the way or be played with by young children or animals.

Pallet Tables

Pallets make for great coffee tables- simply add wheels or small legs to achieve your desired height. Adding taller legs, using a good paint or varnish and smoothing all the edges can also create a great picnic table or dining table.

Pallet Swings

Every man, woman and child loves swings, whether they’re small and in the local park or huge tree hung love seats, they create the perfect whimsical touch. They are also great places for anyone to relax, have fun and feel great – regardless of their age! Pallet swings cost next to nothing to build and are big enough for the whole family to enjoy. A large tree is the perfect place to hang the seat, but if you don’t have one, you can easily build a frame or even hang them from a ceiling or overhang. Have fun with your pallet ideas and inventions! As you make your home more eco-friendly, keep in mind that blinds can help you regulate the temperature in your home and help you save on heating and cooling costs. They are a one-time purchase that can last you for years to come- browse our selection and feel free to contact our friendly experts.