Blind Safety Tips for Families with Children

Safety in our homes is paramount when we have babies or young children. Kids are naturally inquisitive and investigative- they like to open, pull, remove and (dare we say it) destroy things at times. And although we don’t want to end up with child locks on every drawer and stair gates in every door way, child safety is something that shouldn’t be overlooked in any family home.

Cords on blinds have accounted for a small number of deaths in young children worldwide, and although incidents are rare it is important every measure is taken to prevent this from happening. As providers of blinds, it is important to us to share this vital safety information.

According to Kid Safe Australia in an article released in 2012, a list of the main causes of child deaths from unintentional injury included strangulation/suffocation (entrapment in a cabinet and strangulation by window cord).

The Blinds Company provides Child Safety Devices with all of our purchases, be sure to fit them when fitting the blinds, instructions can be found on our ‘how to’ pages.

Roller Blinds

Ensure your child’s safety when using Roller Blinds by installing the ‘tension device’ that was provided with your purchase from The Blinds Company. A tension device secures the chain to the wall, protecting your child from putting any body parts through the chain, whilst still enabling full use of the blind and chain.

Venetian Blinds

As our Venetian Blinds don’t come with a looped chain they are a much safer option for families with young children, using pull cords. However, cords should be made shorter or wrapped around a cleat hook (provided with every purchase) for maximum protection.

Roman Blinds

Our Roman Blinds can be fitted with either a chain cord or a pull cord. As with Roller Blinds, a chain will need a tension device and like Venetian Blinds, the pull cord will need to be shortened or wrapped around a cleat hook.

Children and Blinds

Never leave young children unattended with blinds – especially if you are somewhere where safety devices haven’t been fitted, or if there are children visiting your home and you don’t have prevention devices.

If you do find a child in trouble with a blind cord immediately pick up the child so the chain or cord becomes slack. If the chain is tangled, use scissors to cut it.

The Blinds Company offers blinds for all rooms in every home and provides Child Safety Devices with every single purchase. The Blinds Company insists on the use of blind cord safety devices in family homes or places where children are usually present. Call us to find out more!