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Roller Blinds

We offer a variety of high quality, customisable roller blinds online. Perhaps the most versatile window dressing of all, this sleek, streamlined blind is an excellent option for anyone who wants to achieve an elegant, understated look. While it can give windows a modern and uncluttered appearance on its own, it can look equally good when dressed up with other window furnishings, such as curtains.

At The Blinds Company, we don't believe in sacrificing functionality at the hands of style and nowhere is this more apparent than in our selection of roller blinds.

If you're a night shift worker who needs to sleep during the day or there's an infant in your household who naps when the sun's still out, our blockout range might be of interest to you. Obstructing light completely, these blinds will help you to create an artificial night whenever you need it. They also help you to regulate temperature by keeping your home cooler during the summer months and warmer during the winter.

If you want to protect your eyes and your furniture from the harsh glare of the sun, you might want to consider investing in a sunscreen roller blind. These dressings will also help you to reduce heat in your home, making your space more comfortable during the hot Australian summer months.

For a compromise between blocking light entirely and allowing sunlight to pour in limitlessly, light filtering blinds are another excellent option. These treatments cut out bothersome glare but don't impact on the brightness of your room.

If you want the best of both worlds, you can opt for a double roller blind. These clever dressings feature a sunscreen and blockout blind combined on one bracket, allowing you maximum control of the lighting, temperature and privacy levels in your home, perfect for windows and sliding doors too.

At The Blinds Company, ordering single or double roller blinds online, in either the blockout, sunscreen or light filtering ranges, is simple, easy and secure. Choose your look, enter your measurements. Done.

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